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Uncommon Peaks Cider Pack


4 Pack – 2 of each cider included

Freshly Groomed – Fresh, Complex, Classic –  6.9% ABV
Crisp, Dry and refreshing like the first turn on fresh corduroy at a local ski hill, this craft cider is a classic. Interesting and approachable, this cider was created with traditional cider methods and some brewery influences. This forms the base for a collaborative series between friends and neighbours.

Out of Bounds – Fruity, Aromatic, Adventurous – 6.9% ABV

An aromatic and adventurous take on “Freshly Groomed,” this cider ducks under the rope and ventures into new flavours by adding Idaho 7 hops late in the process. The result is a perfect balance between juicy apple acidity and tropical hop aroma.

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