Brewdays and Broveralls

It's been one week since we had our first brew day on the system and it was awesome. Learning the tricks of the system, scaling up from the BrewMagic and smelling that sweet scent coming from the boil kettle. Couple great days here for the boys. 

We are on our third brew day today. Colin, Alex and myself have learned the system very quickly due to the indispensable help provided by Andrew Bullied of Annex Ale Project. Hauling grain, stirring the mash, recirculating the wort in the vorlauf and finally boiling it, waking up on brew days is pretty exciting. 

Two of our three staples will be available at the upcoming Calgary International Beerfest on May 6th and 7th at the BMO Center. It's Western Canada's largest beer festival with over 500 types of beer available. Tickets are available for pre-purchase at

A couple great reasons to go. Firstly, this event will be the first time our beer is available to the public. So obviously you need to be there. Secondly, it's a great chance to go and try some different styles of fantastic new beers that you wouldn't necessarily be exposed to at your local pub or bar. Brewers are doing some amazing new things with beers, from souring in bourbon barrels to using Siracha and chipotle to spice a beer up. It's a very cool time to be brewing and even better time to be drinking it. So come out to Beerfest, try a few beers, hang out at our booth, listen to some bad jokes and have a good time.