Barley Belt Tap Tour

What a day! The Barley Belt Tap Tour this past Sunday was a resounding success. Colin from Banded Peak, Eric from Village and Erica from Annex Ales and others put a ton of work into making this event happen and what an event it was.

Great beer brought great people, great food brought great conversations and great music brought a great atmosphere. Every time the Calgary beer industry gets together for an event (the people that support us and the people within) the environment turns into one where laughter and fun is contagious. Every time.

As sparingly as the news updates are on the website, it always seems to be a similar theme that brings me back to sitting down and writing one. It's community. It's the people that make up the community and come out in droves to support us and our friends. I think it's amazing.

I'm hard pressed to think of another industry that is like this. I'm probably naive and haven't worked in enough different industries to make educated commentary on this but I stand by the fact that the warm fuzzy feeling I have after this weekend is something special.

Most of the time, when these events occur you really don't know about all the hard work and sleepless nights that go into pulling it off. But the people that set these up are all about making sure you have a good time and your money is going towards a good cause. That good cause was the United Way.

A dollar from each beer sold will be donated to the United Way from each brewery that participated. If you did not make the event I urge you to go their website and donate now. The United Way is helping 500 people a day access programs and initiatives to help them throughout Calgary. Every bit helps.