Thanks for such a great opening with old friends and many new ones! We look forward to providing new and exciting beers to all of you along with an amazing space to try them in.

We want to thank all the people that made this possible including our families and friends, but especially all the help we received making this brewery a reality. As much as we would like to take credit for doing everything, we can't and if we tried we would be opening along with a new government. It took a a lot of moving parts and great people to make this happen and we would like to thank them. It goes without saying that our families are included on this list (moms). Paddy and Jordan Sorrenti for being constantly accommodating and amazing, Andrew Bullied for your insanely brutal honesty and knowledge, Paul Hutt and his son Jr. from Hutt Construction for all their help building the space, Liyan, Landon, Joel and the whole team at Mckinley Burkhart for their design, Darren Page and his crew from Moonlight Mechanical for the great plumbing,  Dylan Little and his father Bob for the amazing woodwork, Jordan Van Kemp for all the welding, Sam Wong and her team at Best Cap for all the great merchandise and logo design, Trent Cleverley for our stainless, Steve from Steelhorse for the ventilation, Rob Bondi and the entire Calgary beer scene as a whole. It's been a fantastic six months getting to this point and we now have sweet, delicious beer to share with you all.

Thanks so much for everything, you've made us the happiest three boys ever.